Admission Procedure

The Gutenberg Academy for Young Researchers is looking for brilliant junior researchers and young artists

Every year, around 650 people obtain their doctorate from Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz (JGU). The Academy is limited to 25 junior members, thus the top 4-5 % of all doctoral students have the chance to be accepted. The nominating supervisors are requested to only nominate absolutely outstanding doctoral students and young artists, who have already completed the first third of their doctorate or the first third of their year as a master class student. Artists, who have already had the chance to prove their excellent credentials, may also be nominated. Nominations can be made by the academic supervisors of young researchers and artists.


Application Documents

The following documents are required for application:

1) Written Recommendation

Academic supervisors are required to submit a written recommendation for the candidate they wish to nominate. The recommendation should contain a comprehensive assessment and evaluation of the candidate's scientific or artistic work and indicate how the candidate demonstrates academic or artistic development.

The following aspects are particularly important and positively influence the selection of the candidates. They should be mentioned in the recommendation.

  • Originality
  • Independence
  • Original research topic
  • Linguistic and analytical brilliance
  • Standing within the scientific community

For young artists, activities, such as public performances, exhibitions and awards, are of importance.
Additionally, information about the candidate'€™s academic or artistic future prospects is desirable. Other important aspects concerning social and cultural commitment may also be included. It is also desirable for candidates to be willing to play an active role in the Academy.

2) Curriculum Vitae

This document should be provided by the candidate and include current contact information.

3) Dissertation Topic Synopsis

A synopsis (maximum three pages) of the candidate'€™s dissertation topic is required that is generally comprehensibility and academically sound.

Application documents should be submitted in electronic form (PDF) to the Academy'€™s spokesperson listed below.

Interview and Selection

An admissions committee composed of senior and junior members will conduct personal interviews with the applicants and submit recommendations for membership to the Gutenberg Academy. The current members of the Acadamy select new members from those recommended by the admissions committee. Once the new candidates have been selected, they are required to present themselves to the Gutenberg Academy by holding a scientific talk for all members.

For junior members, active membership ends with completion of their PhD or year as a master class student or after a maximum of two years. The admission procedure takes place annually at the beginning of the summer term.

Application Deadline:

The current deadline for application will end on 15th Octobre 2018.

Contact for application
Univ.-Prof. Dr. Philipp Harms
Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz
c/o Gutenberg Nachwuchskolleg (GNK)
Forum 2
D 55099 Mainz

For further information, please contact:
Dr. Ewa Vittorias
Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz
Gutenberg Academy
c/o Gutenberg Nachwuchskolleg (GNK)
Forum 2
D 55099 Mainz

Tel.: +49 61 31 – 39 20740
Fax: +49 61 31 – 39 20 355